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A piece of cutting equipment is an essential tool that you must to have. Because you never have to try to break yarn with your hands, doing so is almost impossible, can stretch the yarn and hurt your hands.

Therefore, a pair of sharp and small pair of scissors are essential, even though they are not always the best option. That is why sometimes, it is necessary to have another cutting equipment.

Here you can find the different types of tools most used in knitting and crochet, what they are for and when it is convenient to use them.


Scissors are a cutting device consisting of two blades, each with a ring-shaped handle, which are joined in the middle so that their sharp edges move against each other, used especially for cutting.

They are an instrument used for cutting fabric, paper and other thin materials, but in knitting and crochet, we use it almost exclusively to cut yarn.

There is a great variety of scissors, and although they are all used for cutting, each one has a specific use. And not all are practical to knit or crochet. Small sharp-tip scissors work best.

They are more manageable than large ones and prevent you from cutting in the wrong place.

Embroidery scissors are small and delicate. They are good for making the little snips that embroidery work requires. They have very pointy blades that can get in between threads and pick out the one that you want to cut.

Sharp scissors are essential to cut the yarn and trim the ends of the yarn, so you can make a neat and tidy projects.

Standard scissors, the most normal scissors that serve to cut all kinds of things like cloth, paper, and other thin material. 

They are straight and come in different types of material, mainly stainless steel with plastic handles.

These scissors are not as cute as the embroidery ones, but they do the same job, in addition to being inexpensive.

Dressmaker scissors are a cutting instrument in which two blades move past each other, like scissors but typically larger.

These are big scissors with very sharp offset handles. If you look it seems like the handle is almost crooked from the blades. The scissors are formed in that way so that you can easily cut fabric on a table.

To be honest, for daily work they are not practical, and this kind of scissors should really only be used on fabric. Because if you use them on other materials you will wear them out.

However, it is worth it to invest in quality dressmaker scissors. Whether you love to add fabric to your crochet projects, as the interior of bags, baby blankets, and more, or make some crafts.

Thread cutter

Snips are scissors with a spring-loaded handle. They are great for repetitive cuts. They will not make a long cut but they will save your hands for lots of little cuts. Snips are also the best scissors for people with hand problems or arthritis because the spring-loaded handle does a lot of the work for you.

Snips are very useful, ideal for knitting, crochet, and perfect for making pom poms. It is a portable, small, compact and practical tool.

It comes in different colours and some come with a protective cap to protect the blades.

This cutter has been designed with a sharp circular blade embedded in the centre, it can be set on top of a thread reel or used as a pendant. Threads can be cut using any of the grooves.

This tool is very useful and practical for threads and light yarns.

Cutting equipment

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