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Measuring equipment for knitting and crochet.

Measurement equipment is a tool to measure a physical quantity, either a distance or an amount.

Here you can find the different types of tools most used in knitting and crochet, what they are for and when it is convenient to use them.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is a measuring instrument used to measure distance.

It consists of a ribbon of cloth or plastic, graduated in cm, in inch or both, which can be rolled, making transport easier. It should be strong and flexible but must not stretch.

Its design allows to measure straight lines and around curves or corners.

The flexible measuring tape is essential for checking tension, getting the proper size, and taking measurements of objects and people.

Sewing tape measure, dressmaker or tailor.
Is a flexible and portable tape measure, made from soft plastic material, suitable for measuring curved or flat surfaces.
It has dual-sided, accurately printed in both inches (60 -100 inch) and centimetres (150 -254 cm).

A retractable measure tape is a tape adapted to be extended from and retracted inside a housing. The casing also includes a tape lock mechanism for locking the tape in an extended position.
It is very useful, easy to use and store, also comes in different colours.

Row Counter

A tally counter is a device that stores and displays the number of times a particular process has occurred.

In knitting and crochet, it is called a row counter, because it is used mainly to count rows in a work in progress. But we can also use a row counter to count stitches, row or rounds, pattern repetitions, increases and decreases.

There are several types but they all work the same, change it each time you complete a row.

Rotary barrel type is perfect for keeping count of the Rows in knitting project since it is inserted into the knitting needle.
Usually, they come in 2 sizes so they can fit into needles of different sizes.
Unfortunately, it only reaches 99.

Digital finger-held tally counter
This row counter is very useful since is small and compact and can be operated with one hand.
Each press of the large button adds a row. The small button resets it to zero when pressed.
Memorises last row number when switched off.
It reaches 5 digits, 99999 rows.

This row or stitch counter is similar to the rotary barrel type but more useful since it can be used as a pendant and comes with a lock.

Press the top button on the top, after making one row to remember how many rows you have.

Unfortunately, it only reaches 99 rows.

Measuring equipment

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