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Mini Bunny Basket

Easy Easter Basket | Free Crochet Pattern


Free crochet pattern to make a mini bunny basket.

This is a quick and easy project to do at Easter. The basket includes rabbit ears and tail, and the option to make a set of them.




Complete measures approx. Diameter 7 cm x 5.5 cm high

Techniques and Stitches

Crochet: Chain stitch; Half treble Crochet; Pom – pom

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Easy Bunny Basket

Crochet Diagram

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Free crochet pattern | crochet UK | Easter basket | Easy Bunny Basket | Mini Easter Bunny Basket


Work 8 half treble crochet (htr) into a magic ring. Continue on rounds following the pattern from the bottom to the top and from right to left.
Repeat the motif in black (R) 5 times or as many times as you wish.

Round 5: work 1 htr back loop only in each stitch, (32 stitches).

The last round, the 2 ears of the rabbit. Each slip stitch is worked on a half treble from the previous round.

Round 1: MR: 2 ch, 8 htr, 1 ss. (8)
Round 2: 2 ch, 8 (2htr in 1), 1 ss. (16)
Round 3: 2 ch, [1 (2htr in 1), 1 htr] x 8 , 1 ss. (24)
Round 4: 2 ch,  2 htr, [1 (2htr in 1), 2 htr] x 7, 1 (2htr in 1), 1 ss. (32)
Round 5: 2 ch, 32 Bhtr, 1 ss. (32) 
Round 6-10: 2 ch, 32 htr, 1 ss. (32) 
Round 11: 28 ss, [1 ss, 12 ch, 2 ss (in the 3rd and 4th chain from the hook), 12 ch, 1ss] x 2, 1 ss. 
Fasten off


To finish, make 1 pompom of 4 cm in diameter and join it to the basket on the side opposite the ears.
The easiest way to make the perfect pompoms is with a Pom Pom Maker, easy to use and with brilliant results.

TIP: with the same pattern you can make a smaller basket to complete the set.

Finish the base in round 3 (24 stitches). Repeat the motif in black (R) 4 times. And in the ears work 10 ch instead of 12.

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