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Small Hanging Pocket

Easy Pendant Basket | Free Crochet Pattern


Free crochet pattern to make a small hanging pocket or mini basket.
This is a quick and easy project to make to decorate your home.
The pocket is made in one seamless piece.

This is a free crochet pattern.


  • 4.5¬† mm crochet hook
  • 25 g Yarn white or blue, or DK Yarn weight #3
  • wooden button 2.5 cm in diameter


13.5 cm x 24 cm without tassel.

Techniques and Stitches

 Chain stitch; Half treble crochet; Treble crochet; Tassel

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Small Hanging Pocket


Start by making the foundation chain with 16 stitches with crochet hook number 4,5 mm.
Continue on rows following the pattern design from the bottom to the top and from right to left. Repeat the motif in black (R) 7 times.

Row 1: 1 CH, 1 HTR in 1st CH from hook, 15 HTR. (16)
Row 2: 2 CH, 2TR in 1, 14 TR, 2TR in 1. (18)
Row 3: 2 CH, 2TR in 1, 16 TR, 2TR in 1. (20)
Continue like this until row 10, 32 stitches.
Row 10: 2CH, 2TR in 1, 28 TR, 2TR in 1. (32)


Without cutting the yarn continue as if it were row 11 on 3 sides of the trapezoid. Before making the third side, fold the piece to form the pocket (see diagram) to sew it together.
Row 11 (edge): 1 CH, 31 HTR, 3 HTR in 1, 13 HTR, for side 1 and 2. Fold and seam with 16 HTR, for side3. Fasten off.


Add a tassel or fringe to the bottom end if desired.
Make a tassel with 20 strands of 15 cm of yarn and add a wooden button to decorate.

Crochet Diagram

Click on a diagram to enlarge.

I hope you enjoy making these small hanging pockets, and if you share your work on social media, don't forget to tag #PuntoArtDesign so we can see how it goes!
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