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Reindeer wrist warmers

Xmas warmers | Free Crochet Pattern


Reindeer wrist warmers. This very simple crochet pattern is for a last-minute project for a Christmas present. 

This is a free crochet pattern.



All sizes

Techniques and Stitches

Crochet: Chain; Half treble crochet; Raised treble crochet front; Raised treble crochet back; Pom-pom

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Reindeer wrist warmers

Taking the measurements

These wrist warmers are easy to make, you just need to crochet a rectangle for each one!

Two measures are needed to make the rectangle H and C.

H: Height from the wrist to the middle of the fingers.
C: circumference of the hand.

You also have to measure: height of the wrist; height of the palm of the hand; height of fingers to be cover.

Crochet Diagram

Click on the diagram to enlarge.


Start with a number of chains needed to get measure C (any multiple of 2) with crochet hook number 3,5 mm.

Follow the crochet diagram from the bottom to the top and from right to left, until obtaining the height H. Matching the height of the wrist (A) and the height of the fingers (A’) with crochet stitch A (A’), raised treble rib. And the height of the palm of the hand with the crochet stitch B, half treble crochet.

To sew it is necessary to match the 3 parts of the rectangle (wrist, hand and fingers) and sew from the wrist to the centre of the palm of the hand. Then, with another thread, sew the part that will cover the fingers.

To finish, make 2 pompoms of 4 cm in diameter and join one at each wrist warmer. The easiest way to make the perfect pompoms is with a Pom Pom Maker, easy to use and with brilliant results.

TIP: to obtain a more professional finish, replace the foundation chain and the first round for a chainless foundation half treble crochet (fhtc).

A and A’

Row 1: 2ch, hdc to end.
Row 2: 2ch, ( 1 rtrf, 1 rtrb) to end.
Row 3: Repeat row 2.


Row 1: 2ch, hdc to end.
Row 2: Repeat row 1.

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