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Sack of seeds

Xmas Bag | Free Crochet Pattern


Decorate your Christmas table with this sack of seeds.

With this free crochet pattern, you can make several bags of different sizes for different types of seeds or nuts.


  • 3.50  mm crochet hook
  • 50 g  Fingering, super fine, Yarn weight #1 
  • Needle


12 cm x 18 cm

Techniques and Stitches

Crochet: Slip stitch; Chain; Treble crochet; Raised treble crochet front; Raised treble crochet back;

Suggested materials

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Sack of seeds Xmas Bag

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Crochet Diagram

Click on the diagram to enlarge.


Start by making the foundation chain with 30 stitches (or any multiple of 2) with crochet hook number 3.5 mm.
Work in rounds following the crochet diagram from the bottom to the top and from right to left. Repeat row 2 at least 20-25 times or as many times as you wish. 

TIP: To obtain a more professional finish, replace the foundation chain and the first round for a chainless foundation treble crochet (ftc).

Row 1: 3 ch, 29 tr, 1 ss. (30)
Row 2 – 25: 3 ch, [ 1 Frtr, 1 Brtr ] x 14, 1 Frtr, 1 ss. (30)
Fasten off.


With the needle, sew the base of the sack. 

I hope you enjoy making this bag for Xmas, and if you share your work on social media, don’t forget to tag #PuntoArtDesign so we can see how it goes!

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