Grid Patterns

Grid or Graph Patterns to knit and crochet

Creative grid patterns.  These free simple patterns can be done in different techniques, both knit and crochet. Corner to corner, C2C; graphghan; Filet; Pixel crochet; Fair Isle; Intarsia; Mosaic; Lace; Aran; Cables; and much more!

If you want to create your own chart, you can use special graph paper for weavers.

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Graph Paper

Graph paper for knit and crochet created by Punto Art Design

The PDF file contains 3 different graph sheets with grids stitches x rows. Ratio (1:1) square.

  • Flat Right Side (RS): Both sides starting from the right side.
  • Flat Wrong side (WS): Both sides starting from the wrong side.
  • Circular: Every row stars in the same side.


Available in two sizes:

  • Small (20 stitches x 30 rows) 
  • Medium (48 stitches x 30 rows)

You can use it to crochet:

  • Crochet with colours: pixel; Corner to corner, C2C;
  • Crochet with symbols: Filet;

You can use it to knit:

  • Knitting with colours: Fair Isle; Intarsia; Mosaic
  • Knitting with symbols: Lace; Aran; Cables;

Medium 48x30

Graph paper for knitting and crochet. Size 48 stitches x 30 rows.

Small 20x30

Graph paper for knitting and crochet. Size: 20 stitches x 30 rows.

Heart pattern

Mug pattern

Numbers (digits from 0 to 9)

Headphones pattern

Butterfly pattern

Halloween pattern

Xmas pattern

I hope that the PAD designs inspire you. I have loved to create them and I hope you do them as well!