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Photo Camera

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Photo Camera Designs

Free Medium Grid Charts

Medium Grid Chart.  Size: 48 stitches x 30 rows.

Ratio (1:1) square.

You can use it to crochet:

  • Crochet with colours: pixel; Corner to corner, C2C; Tapestry;
  • Crochet with symbols: Filet;

You can use it to knit:

  • Knitting with colours: Fair Isle; Intarsia; Mosaic
  • Knitting with symbols: Lace; Aran; Cables;

Photo Camera - 16 printable charts!

If you prefer, you can get the printable PDF here, with the four designs in four different grids. You get 16 printable charts!

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Photo Camera

Grid Chart

Click on a grid to enlarge.

DIY - Graph Paper

Graph paper for crochet and knitting created by Punto Art Design

The PDF file contains 4 different graph sheets with grids stitches x rows. Ratio (1:1) square.

  1. Flat right side: Both sides. Starting from the right side.
  2. Flat wrong Side: Both sides. Starting from the wrong side.
  3. Circular: Right side. Each row starts on the same side.
  4.  Corner to corner: Right side. Each row is a diagonal.

Get it here

Graph Paper

Graph Paper Grid 48x30

Graph paper for knitting and crochet. Size 48 stitches x 30 rows.

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