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Xmas Designs

 Christmas Design Chart 

Free Small Grid Charts

Medium Grid Chart.  Size: 20 stitches x 30 rows.

Ratio (1:1) square.

The dimensions of the finished craft will depend on the technique used, yarn, tension, crochet or knitting needles.

Grid charts or graph patterns are suitable for crocheting and knitting. They are a simple and effective way of representing a more complicated pattern in a separate graph.

You can use them with colours or with symbols, in different techniques.

You can use it to :

  • Crochet with colours: Fair-Isle; Corner to corner, C2C; Tapestry; Graphgan; Mosaic;
  • Crochet with symbols: Filet; Bubbles;
  • Knitting with colours: Fair-Isle; Intarsia; Mosaic
  • Knitting with symbols: Lace; Aran; Cables;
  • Macrame. Coloured knots.

Christmas - 40 printable charts!

If you prefer, you can get the printable PDF here, with the eight designs in four different grids. You get 32 printable charts!

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Christmas Design Chart 


Grid Chart

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DIY - Graph Paper

Graph paper for crochet and knitting created by Punto Art Design

The PDF file contains 4 different graph sheets with grids stitches x rows. Ratio (1:1) square.

  1. Flat right side: Both sides. Starting from the right side.
  2. Flat wrong Side: Both sides. Starting from the wrong side.
  3. Circular: Right side. Each row starts on the same side.
  4.  Corner to corner: Right side. Each row is a diagonal.

Get it here

Graph Paper

Graph Paper Grid 20x30

Graph paper for knitting and crochet. Size 20 stitches x 30 rows.

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