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Drop Stitch Cowl

Easy Cowl Scarf | Free Knitting Pattern


Garter Drop Stitch Infinity Scarf.
Make this amazing cowl with the knitted drop stitch in rows that allow it to drape and make it comfy to wear! This is a fast and easy project to knit.



Finished cowl: 42cm x 22 cm 

Techniques and Stitches

Knit stitch; Garter stitch; Drop Stitch;

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Drop Stitch Cowl

drop stitch cowl free knitting pattern UK |easy scarf knitting patterns for beginners 


Garter Drop-Stitch Scarf

Drop stitches are created by adding yarn overs ( YO) on one row and dropping those same YO’s on the next row.

Cast on 24 stitches.

Row 1-2: Knit 24. (24)
Row 3: (Knit 1, add 2 YO’s onto RH needle) x 23, K1. (70)
Row 4: (Knit 1, release the 2 YO’s from previous row) x 23, k1. (24)
Row 5-6: Knit 24. (24)
Next Rows: Repeat Rows 3 to 6, 18 times. (Row 3-6) x 18. (24)
Cast off.


Sew the beginning to end of scarf.

Pattern Notes

You can try other weights of yarn, adding stitches for the thinner ones or removing stitches for the bigger ones.

The drop stitch looks great with super chunky yarn (weight #6): cast on 18 stitches.

You can make a straight scarf of the desired length with the same pattern. Knit 4 more rows (Row 1) at the beginning and end of the scarf for a more solid finish. You can also add fringes.

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