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Crochet Picture Frame

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This is a quick and easy project to decorate your home. You can use it to put photos, messages, notes or quotes.
There are two different options, but you can be creative and do it your way.

This is a free crochet pattern.


  • 4.5  mm crochet hook
  • 25 g Yarn white and pink, or DK Yarn weight #3
  • wooden photo frame 10 x 15 cm (4×6”)
  • All purpose adhesive
  • 6 Mini Wooden Pegs


10 cm x 15 cm without tassel.

Techniques and Stitches

Chain stitch; Half treble crochet; Half treble crochet middle bar (Camel Stitch); Work in rounds; Treble crochet; Fringe;

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Crochet Picture Frame



Make a rectangle of 20 stitches and 9 rows, in half treble crochet stitch, but crochet into the middle horizontal bar of the stitch (also known as Camel stitch).

Start by making the foundation chain with 20 stitches with crochet hook number 4,5 mm. Continue on rows following the pattern design from the bottom to the top and from right to left. Repeat the motif in black (R) 6 times.

Row 1: 2 CH, 1HTR in 2nd CH from hook, 19 HTR. (20)
Row 2-9: 2 CH, 20 HTR middle bar. (20)
Fasten off.


Make a rectangle of 10 stitches and 4 rows.

Row 1: 2 CH, 1HTR in 2nd CH from hook, 9 HTR. (10)
Row 2-4: 2 CH, 10 HTR middle bar. (10)
Fasten off.


Work the stitches into a magic ring as follow: 2 CH; 2 TR; 4 HTR; 1 CH, 1TR, 1 CH; 4 HTR; 2 TR; 2 CH, 1 SS. Fasten Off.


White frame

Sew the heart in the middle of the frame. Add 2 strands of 8 cm of yarn to each side of the top of the frame, and 4 wooden mini pegs.

Pink frame

Sew the pocket at the bottom right of the frame. And add 4 fringes at the top right.

Download the free quotes here. Print in A4 size and set the printer to print 4 pages per sheet. This way you will have the right size for the 10 x 15 frame.

Crochet Diagram

Click on a diagram to enlarge.

I hope you enjoy making these crochet message boards, and if you share your work on social media, don't forget to tag #PuntoArtDesign so we can see how it goes!
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