Free Tags

Knit & Crochet Printables

Free printable tags for handmade crochet & knit projects

First of all, I would like to offer you these beautiful free printable labels!

They are designed for your knitting or crochet projects, giving a nice personal touch and also a professional presentation. Then, you can use these tags for all your handmade items.

There are four labels per sheet with cutting guides to help you cut the straight edges. It is recommended to print in the highest quality settings on card-stock or other heavy paper.

Probably the most common option is to print them in white paper, but get creative and print them in different ink colours. You can also use Kraft card or coloured card.

You can customise the tags if you wish. Print, cut and add just a splash of colour with some pencils or art markers. This gives an extra handmade touch!

You can totally punch a hole on the tag too and use some string to hang them on your gift.

These printable tags give the perfect final touch on your knit or crochet gifts!

Tags for crochet projects

Tags for handmade crochet projects. Free printable labels for your crocheted gifts!

Tags for knitting projects

Tags for handmade knitting projects. Free printable labels for your knitted gifts!

Christmas Gift Tags

Tags for handmade gifts. Free printable labels for your crocheted or knitted Christmas Gift.

I hope that the PAD designs inspire you. I have loved to create them and I hope you do them as well!