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The Benefits of crocheting and Knitting

Knitting and crochet are a social phenomenon that many are calling wool therapy or yarn therapy.

Below are some of the most important benefits.

Reduce levels of tension and stress

When the brain is paying attention to an activity so complete (such as knitting or crocheting), ignores what is not relevant at the moment.

While the brain synchronises view with left and right hand, estimates how many stitches you have to do before changing the stitch, and counts how many rows until decrease, it just don’t have time for personal problems, worries and anxieties. Therefore, to knit or crochet periodically, reduce levels of tension and stress.

It gives satisfaction and improves self-esteem

To turn a simple ball of yarn into a unique and unrepeatable finished project, although it is not perfect, gives self-confidence and satisfaction.
With practice, the quality of the projects would grow, giving more satisfaction and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Promotes tranquillity and good mood

Each creative activity produces the brain to verify and confirm its neural links.
While some tasks may seem challenging at first, with practice, those connections will get stronger. What interprets as more confidence.
Knitting and crochet improve frustration tolerance because routine improves skills, which promotes tranquillity and good mood.

It helps to physically and mentally recover after a workday

Regular physical and mental rest is necessary to continue with the daily habits. Nevertheless, it is not clear if we usually take work home. Neither is easy to stop thinking, the brain manages to worries over and over again, and the only way to trick it is to keep it occupied

Knitting and crocheting are activities so complete that they will not allow the brain to think about anything else, which produces mental recovery, physical rest and facilitate sleep because it is easier to fall asleep thinking about a project than at work.

Finally, when you do not have enough time to knit or crochet, helps to talk about your designs, organise yarnhooks and needles, or search for new patterns.

Improves fine motor skills

Fine motor skill is the coordination of small movements, usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers, with the eyes. They demand extraordinary precision and a high level of coordination.

The development of this skill allows an increase in the capacity to carry out a specific task.

Repetitive precision movements are required to develop fine motor skills and build patterns, which will remain forever into the brain.

This process makes it easy to do, something that had initially cost significant effort.

Knitting and crochet highly improves these fine motor skills by repeating precisely coordinated movements.

Encourages communication between people

Certain factors promote  communication between people,  and many  of them are present when we knit or crochet. Like speak naturally of what we are doing, share the same codes, feel comfortable with the work done, and many others.

When knitting or crochet is important to use the same codes to accurately interpret the transmitted information, either from reading a pattern or through verbal communication.

From the moment that we read and interpret a pattern to share our experiences with other people, we are developing the ability of communication. Which improves with the level of difficulty of the pattern and practice.

Awakens our most creative side

Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas or concepts. A ball of yarn and a pair of needles or a crochet hook are like a blank canvas, and the knitter or crocheter has endless possibilities to develop many projects.

To choose what to knit is necessary to create new associations between ideas, concepts and known skills. Therefore, you can adapt or modify acquired knowledge to develop new creations.

But what boosts our creativity the most is, to combine the already known techniques with the available materials and the idea that we have in mind, to transform a simple ball of yarn into a unique piece.

Help to concentrate and relax

Concentration is the action or power to focus attention or mental effort.

Developing this skill is very useful since it can be applied to study, work or simply to perform a task more efficiently. 

Concentration also allows relaxation and to enjoy more completely each situation that requires a little more attention.

Depending on the complexity of the chosen project, knitting or crochet requires physical movement and high concentration. 

That is why it is recommended to start with a simple project, and when it becomes repetitive, it is time to increase the difficulty.

It brings clarity to thoughts and feelings

Being able to feel the softness and texture of wool through our hands is a very pleasant sensation that directly influences the mind.

The colours are also very important. For example, yellow stimulates the nervous system and is associated with joy. The colour blue like the sky, provides calm and rest, and encourages healing and relieves pain. White means purity, freshness and supplies the imagination.

Knitting and crochet produce thoughts more positive thanks to the relaxation and calm that the manual work like these provides.

More benefits

  • Yarn-crafting builds community
  • Crafting helps with grief processing
  • Stress-Busting benefits of yarn-crafting
  • Crafting may reduce or postpone dementia
  • Knit or Crochet through insomnia
  • Knitting and Crochet relieve depression
  • Crafting Reduces Anxiety
  • Projects build self-esteem
  • Crocheting reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s 
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