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Do you know the difference between a chart, a grid, a diagram and a graph?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding these overlapping terms since we will find them as synonyms. However, there are some minor differences between them.

The good news is that they are all used to describe patterns, but they provide varying degrees of visual information, all at a glance. 

A pattern is a model or design used as a direction for crochetingknitting, and other crafts. So, the more complicated, the more information I will need. And that is the reason why it is significant to learn how to read a chart.

Below, you will find a guide that explains the difference between the terms: chartgriddiagram and graph.

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chart is a sheet of information in the form of gridsdiagramsgraphs and tables, and being such a broad word, it has many more uses.

Charts represent quantitative and qualitative data and can be writtennumerical, or visual.

Therefore, we reserve it as a synonym for a table. Like, the table of crochet symbols.


grid is a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles.

It is a type of graph but with less information. We use grids patterns for knittingcrocheting, and macrame.

Each square represents a stitch or a group of stitches, and different coloured squares indicate colour or stitch changes, depending on the technique.

For example, in tapestry colour change; in filet crochet stitch change; in knitting both.


A diagram is a simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something. It is a schematic representation.
Anything that abstractly visualises information is a diagram.

A crochet diagram provides very detailed information: number of stitches; stitch type; colour changes; and direction.

Crochet diagrams are for crochet patterns only!


graph is a diagram that shows the relationship between variable quantities, typically two variables: height and width. 

So, a graph is a diagram but with less information.

graph has so much visual impact that it is suitable to indicate which parts to fold, to sew or how to assemble a project.

However, the word graph is so broad that it is used for many other things, and in the world of crochet, it is often used instead of diagrams and especially instead of grids.

Crochet UK | crochet chart | crochet diagram | crochet grid | charts

Free crochet patterns using grids and diagrams

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