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Crochet without following a crochet diagram is like driving blindly, without knowing where you are or where you are going.
Some people steer clear of these diagrams because they look like hieroglyphs. But, they are not as confusing as they first appear.
The best thing is that anyone can read them because they use universal symbols, regardless of the language we speak.

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Crochet Symbols

A crochet symbol is a mark or character used to represent a stitch. Therefore, each basic stitch has a different one.

These are universal symbols. Even though they have different terminology, they represent the same stitch.

For example, the universal symbol of a short cross or an x represents the same stitch. However, in the UK, the terminology is double crochet, while in the US, it is single crochet.

If you can read the crochet symbols, you can follow any pattern in any language that provides a crochet diagram.

Symbols categories

  • Basic Stitches
  • Raised Stitches. Textured stitches.
  • Increasing Stitches. Working several stitches in the same place. 
  • Decreasing Stitches. Working several stitches together to reduce the total number of stitches. 
  • Groups. Working several stitches together to make decorative formations.
  • Specials. Distinctive formations.
  • Crossed. Working several stitches, one over the other.

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Free PDF - Crochet Symbols and abbreviations. Includes all 7 symbol categories.

Crochet UK | crochet chart | crochet diagram | crochet grid | charts

Free crochet patterns using crochet diagrams

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