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Preparing to Crochet

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Before starting to crochet

Crochet is much easier to learn than many people believe. When you think about it, crochet is nothing more than a series of loops made with a hook and yarn.

Compared to knitting, crochet has more basic stitches to master. 

However, a beginner needs some fundamental skills before attempting their first stitch.

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The right hand

For most people, the dominant hand is the right hand. Therefore, the right hand is the one that holds the crochet hook.

All information here is for right-handers. Left-handers need to perform the mirror image.

Holding the hook

The most important skill to master when learning to crochet ish how to handle the crochet hook correctly.  

There are two basic ways to hold the crochet hook, both correct. Practice the following two ways to see which one is best for you. However, depending on the yarn or the crochet hook, it is better to use one instead the other. 

Under the hook position

Pencil Position

Hold the hook like a pencil, with the thumb rest or grip between your forefinger and thumb.

Over the hook position

Knife Position

Place your dominant hand over the crochet hook with the handle resting against your palm and your thumb and middle finger grabbing the thumb rest, like holding a knife.

Violin bow Position

The violin position is a variation of the knife position, in which the palm does not touch the crochet hook, and the fingers are gently curved, like holding a violin bow.

When using crochet larger than number 7 or big yarns such as T-shirt yarn or cord, it is better to use the knife position as more strength is needed.

Holding the yarn

After you decide how to hold the crochet hook, you are ready for the yarn.

There is no right or wrong way to hold the yarn. However, you need to feel comfortable and create consistent tension.

Your yarn hand is the one that is not holding the crochet hook and has an important job to do. 

The left hand is the one that holds the work and, at the same time, feeds the yarn to the crochet hook and controls the tension.

Wrapping the yarn

  • Wrap the yarn around your index finger to form a loop.
  • Carry the yarn under the other three fingers (middle, ring and pinky).

There are other methods to wrap the yarn. The idea should be to allow the yarn to flow smoothly and evenly through your fingers so you can apply just the right amount of tension.



Holding hook and yarn

The index finger and thumb of the left hand hold the working end and the feeding yarn. The right hand grabs the crochet hook.

You can also hold the working end between the thumb and middle finger and the feeding yarn wrapped around the index finger.

Free crochet patterns

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